The Urban Buggy Burger: Field Roast’s new burger patty now being served on Brown Sugar Baking Company’s Buns

So, the folks at Urban Buggy (my husband) came to Brown Sugar Baking Company (me, right next door), and asked us (Jessica, my bread baking guru and I) to make a bun that would go well with their “burger patty” (from Field Roast) and Pulled Jack Fruit (Pulled Porkish) sandwich. At first, I refused. I don’t make buns…I make desserts. But now that I have two fabulous bakers on my team, Jess (the cupcake queen) and Jessica, I decided, why yes we can make an awesome bun.

So, this morning, I made some awesome buns.Burger Buns

Look for this bun at the Madrona Farmer Market in June and at the Urban Buggy in the Central District. I guarantee this bun will compliment any burger or sandwich fillings.