Yes, We Won A Cupcake Competition


Who would have thought, that a Vegan Bakery would have won a Beer Infused Cupcake Competition? I thought!!! I had a feeling that my Ditto(IPA) infused Cupcake, filled with Hefeweizen infused Lemon Curd, topped with a Lemoncello Crème, would win. Why? Because it was just that amazing.

I have to say that I did have my doubts at first. I did not bake until the day of and I had not really prepared my recipe. Thank goodness for quick hands and an amazing imagination.

This Cupcake Competition came with perks. All the proceeds went to a wonderful and worthy organization, NAMI of Seattle. I am so honored to have been apart of this wonderful event hosted by Pyramid Brewery.

Just a side note: We are so please to anounce that we have added Wedding Cakes and Event Cakes to our menu.


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