In 2004, after an untimely departure from the best job on the planet, Lillian Hill, founder of Brown Sugar Baking Company, decided to start her own cookie business. After countless of hours formulating recipes, working as an independent chef, and developing recipes for various organizations Lillian had mastered Vegan Baking at it’s best.

In 2006, she blanketed Washington D.C. with Vegan goodness by supplying some of the most influential customers with desserts that left them saying “I really cannot believe this is Vegan.”

In 2009, after suffering a life altering health challenge, Lillian moved to the NW to receive medical treatment for her not so healthy and happy heart. After two years of rehabilitation and occasional catering opportunities, Lillian decided to get back in to the food business. She opened Brown Sugar Baking Company in the Central District. She named her commercial kitchen “VBaked” where she creates traditional flavors of sweet treats without all of the trans-fats, cholesterol and nut allergens that 99% of the other baked goods contain.

Now Brown Sugar Baking Company is expanding. After two years of selling delicious baked goods at Virginia Mason’s Farmer’s Market on First Hill and providing a select few items at the Central Co-Op at Madison Market in Capital Hill, Lillian is opening a Sweet Counter next door at the Urban Buggy Store. This dessert counter will have featured items from Brown Sugar Baking Company as well as other local vendors mixing up some of the best desserts in the city of Seattle.

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