What’s New For Brown Sugar Baking Company

Brown Sugar Baking Company now has its own commercial kitchen in Seattle, WA! We are a nut-allergy free facility. We are small, but we have the ability to pump out large amounts of baked goods in a short period of time. And thanks to our angel investors we were able to procure brand new equipment.1347043504761


Brown Sugar Baking Company is an Organic, Vegan (Gluten-Free Upon Request) Baked Goods Company. We specialize in turning already fantastic desserts into fabulously, delicious Vegan desserts.

Every dessert is made from locally sourced organic ingredients. When we cannot find it locally, we never travel far, but it always is organic. Every dessert is also hand-crafted.

How do you find our fabulously, vegannie delicious desserts?


3 thoughts on “What’s New For Brown Sugar Baking Company

  1. About your GF Chocolate Caramel Brownie… Kudos to you all! Your GF Chocolate Caramel Brownie should be named the GF Chocolate Caramel WOWIE Brownie!! It is awesome!!!! You’ve done a great job! Gluten free and gmo-free and moist and delicious. Brava! You should market a whole cake of it! Also, a GF and gmo-free MINT goo layer under the frosting would be yummy too! I can dream, can’t I ?

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