Just who is VBaked and what do we do?

VBaked is a Vegan (Plant-Based, Nut-Free) Commercial Kitchen in the Historically African American Central District Neighborhood in Seattle, WA. We have housed several plant-based businesses, in the past and we are known for our delicious baked goods under the name, Brown Sugar Baking Company.

I created VBaked in 2011 because, I wanted to build a baking kitchen for plant-based businesses, owned by people of color, living in the Central District. However, due to rising cost of living and gentrification, quite a few of the small cottage food businesses have moved far north but more have moved far south.

Seattle has become unaffordable for micro-businesses. To make up for the financial and resource gaps for people of color, the Central Area Collaborative and the City of Seattle, specifically OED,  has stepped in to offer a helping hand. Thank goodness because the citizens of Seattle and the Central District Community deserves awesome micro-businesses to thrive.

Seattle is city full of people who love to eat great food from locally grown restaurants, food trucks and farmer’s markets, drink freshly roasted and hand-pressed coffee, and purchase items from small creators who support the planet in sustainable ways. This makes me so proud to be apart of a community that values their local businesses.

SO who am I?

I am a creator of awesome plant-based food. I enjoy baking more than anything however, my super power is creating delicious comfort plant-based dishes that satisfy your soul. My goal is not to mimic the taste of traditional animal-based products but to create familiar tastes and textures using non-traditional local plant-based ingredients.

I am also, the owner and operator of Brown Sugar Baking Company.

Currently, Brown Sugar Baking Company is able to receive 1 or 2 customers per week due to the renovation of VBaked and the medical sabbatical I am currently taking.

While I am on sabbatical, I will be posting info on current events and topics, pictures of the progress of the commercial space, and recipes that will help feed our soul through out the winter months.

Have an Amazing October!!!






Cinnamon V Bun

ImageThe Art of Vegan Cinnamon Buns

Mastering Cinnamon Buns were always a challenge for me. Truth be told, I had never made cinnamon rolls until last year. I was intimidated by the dough. More so, I was intimidated by the kneading the dough, rolling out the dough and of course, proofing the dough.

I was great at making cookies. I mix and bake those with my eyes closed. Cakes, well, 9 out of 10 times, I made the perfect cake. But, anything with dough; pie, bread, pizza, cinnamon buns, I was not going to even attempt.

Last year, I was forced to make the Ultimate Vegan Cinnamon Bun. Well not forced. I actually opened my big mouth and told someone, “I can make these wonderful Cinnamon Rolls.”


It took me two tries. Just two and the Cinnamon V Buns were created to marvel all tastes buds.Image

Now, I sell these Cinnamon V Buns at a local restaurant under the business name Brown Sugar Baking Company.

In Spring 2013, we will be launching our online store and in Spring of 2014 look for our Vegan baking cook book.

Until then I will post photos, a few recipes and lots of tips throughout the year.

Did you know that you can freeze your cinnamon buns?

Just use any standard cinnamon roll recipe. Mix, roll and fill, shape, and freeze. Just seal the shaped rolls in a plastic bag and pop in the freezer. I like to freeze mine right in the pan.  The night before I need to bake them, I take them out of the freezer to thaw and rise. Bake according to the suggested time and temperature. As they are cooling, glaze.